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Course Overview

This traffic marshal course will give you the competence to confidently direct and manage traffic. This banksman training course will teach you all you need to know about the duties of a traffic marshals such as the Health and Safety Executive's guidance on the signals that you will present to vehicle and crane operators.

This course has been tailored to meet the requirements for organisations by following the standards and regulations set by the HSE. You will simply go through the learning material, completing short quizzes along the way.

Some of the topics included in the banksman training is:

  • What a traffic marshal (banksman) is
  • The duties of a banksman and a traffic marshal 
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Safe procedures
  • Complex hand signals
  • Visibility
What is a traffic marshal?

A traffic marshal is the designated person who is trained and competent in safely directing moving traffic in and around large building sites. They are trained to position themselves and in the use of banksman hand signals to instruct large vehicle and load maneuvers when the driver or the operator  of the vehicle may have a restricted view.

Entry Requirement

As this traffic marshal course is online, anyone can do it from anywhere. Whether you’re in London, Birmingham or Wales, there will never be a point where you have to come to the training centre. If you have an interest in learning the trades of a banksman and traffic marshal, this traffic marshal course is for you

Courses Length

3 Hrs training. 


£50 Only