SSSTS - Refresher Training

SSSTS - Refresher Training
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SSSTS - Refresher Training Southall 1 day £ 160 Contact Us Level 3 First Aid
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Course Overview

This CITB SSSTS Refresher course is intended to update all past participants in the course on all of the latest laws, regulations and methods regarding safety and health, so that they can maintain their qualifications. During this course, participants will learn all about the recent changes to health and safety and the impact that these changes have had on-site. After taking this qualification, supervisors will be able to know that their working methods still remain within the law.

Course Duration

1 day
Do not miss a day of work, now weekend courses are also available
Valid for 5 years

Course Material

All course materials are provided for the training course. This includes the Site Supervision Simplified GE706 and Toolbox Talk

Training Assessment

Completing the training course will re-validate your CITB SSSTS certificate for five more years. If you wait until this qualification has expired, you will need to take the full two-day course again to achieve the qualification. Candidate must bring with them their current valid CITB certificate. Failure to do so may result in them not being allowed to complete the refresher course.

Benefits of the SSSTS

This is a highly regarded construction site safety qualification. This SSSTS training will enable supervisors to create a healthy and safe working environment within the construction site. Prior health and safety awareness training is also available in the form of the 1-Day CITB Health and Safety Awareness course. There are a number of benefits to site supervisor safety training, such as:

  • It will reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, therefore cutting down on sick time, delays and costly and time-consuming legal procedures.
  • It is a moral responsibility, to protect the health and welfare of your valuable employees.
  • It will ensure that you are complying with the legal regulations for the industry, to avoid heavy fines and suspensions.

Workplace accidents have a negative effect on your company’s reputation, which will make other contractors and clients hesitant to work with you and also make it difficult to recruit staff.
Accidents often damage materials and equipment, which can be costly and time consuming to repair.